An In-Depth Look at
Great Plains Enviromental

The ever-expanding collection of environmental laws, regulations, procedures and requirements to maintain environmental compliance and minimize environmental liability continues to be a substantial component of commercial operations in today’s marketplace.
Environmental issues affect so many people, including real estate lenders, buyers, sellers, and brokers, as well as engineers, architects, construction companies, business owners, and homeowners. Great Plains Environmental is dedicated to identifying and resolving environmental issues for all stakeholders to ensure positive outcomes on projects affecting people’s businesses, projects, and livelihoods.
We are a multi-disciplinary firm offering environmental solutions ranging from Phase I, II, and III ESA’s, Transaction screens, Environmental Impact Statements and Remedial Investigations to environmental compliance, soil and water sampling, tank removals and tank abandonments.

Great Plains Environmental is an environmental service provider who specialize in petroleum-impacted properties. When combined with our comprehensive environmental solution offering, we are able to serve our clients with complete environmental management and compliance needs. We continue to find innovative, cost effective solutions for remediation as well as risk management and remain close to our roots providing environmental services to owners of petroleum storage systems while continuing to provide holistic solutions.